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Black is one of the two base colors a horse can be. The other base color a horse can be is red (chestnut). For horses, E is used to represent the black gene, and e is used to represent the chestnut gene. Black is the dominant gene to red's subordinate. Only one black allele is needed for a horse's phenotype to be expressed as black, while two red alleles must be present to express the chestnut phenotype.

  Horse Color Extension Gene Phenotype Expression  

  E e
E EE - black eE - black
e Ee - black ee - red


Black Warmblood Horses for Sale / Lease

Come to Galway Farm and find the perfect black horse for your needs. We handpick and inspect each and every horse coming into our stables to make sure they are up to our high standards. Unlike some big European farms, we care a great deal about our horses, and pour our hearts into raising and training them. It’s important to start training the horses early, so they’re comfortable under a saddle when they become your riding companion. If a horse isn’t trained early, they may develop poor habits; they’re creatures of habit with amazing long-term memories.

Let Lorrie Canady, Galway Farm’s owner and lead horse trainer help you find the black horse to help propel you to the top of your competition class.

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Galway Girl, "Fiona"
  • Galway Girl
    2010, Warmblood Mare
    Just arrived from Europe. She is a very comfortable ride, easy and well balanced. Does great with he…
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