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In Brown horses, the mane, tail, and legs are black, with the rest of the horse being dark brown. These beautiful animals may have some white patches. Brown horses have 4 allele options at the Agouti gene, which could turn the horse 4 different colors:

Allele Options and Colors Produced:

  • arecessive – uniformly black coat
  • At dominant – seal brown, from legs, mane, and tail overflowing with black
  • A dominant – standard bay, restricted black portions
  • A+dominant – very limited black portions

To be seal-brown, a horse must have at least one dominant copy of the MC1R gene, either Ee or EE (codes for black), and must have either the At/At or At/a genotype at the Agouti locus.

Brown Warmblood Horses for Sale / Lease

Galway Farm often stables a variety of Brown horses for you to choose from. The different breeds of brown horses often have very different personalities. Within the breeds, each of the individual horses also has their own unique personality, as well. This is why it's so important to pick the right horse.

You want a riding partner you can trust. You want a riding companion who will respond to your direction and work with you. Come to Galway Farm to meet our horse trainers and have them help you find the perfect horse to reach your equestrian goals.

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Sir Gustofson
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    2005, Hanoverian Gelding
    Extremely forgiving and willing horse with beautiful movement and jump! The jumps are never an issue…
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  • Eileen
  • Eileen
    2007, Hanoverian Mare
    Absolutely stunning hunter that will not only win over fences but will win the under saddle anywhere…
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