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English Thoroughbred horses are commonly referred to simply as Thoroughbreds in the horse people community. This breed is one of the most widespread in the world, and is used as a modifier for many bloodlines.

The exact bloodlines of Thoroughbred ancestry is contested today, even. Some people believe the foundation sires were of entirely pure Arabian bloodlines. If this is true, there would have been a great deal of effort put into acquiring the horses due to political tension between the English and Arabians at the time, and the fact that good animals were only sold when it was absolutely necessary to do so. Still, pure bloodlines from the Arabian horses is not an impossibility.

Since the first English Thoroughbreds were bred, additional breeds have contributed to their genetic makeup, giving us the quality racing horses we have today. Thoroughbreds give 100% effort in competition.

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Owner and lead horse trainer of Galway Farm, Lorrie Canady, has over 40 years of experience riding and training horses. Her and her team hand select and inspect every horse we get on the Farm, ensuring your horse is the best, healthiest horse around.

You don’t need to go to Europe to get a quality riding horse. We have Thoroughbreds coming and going right here at Galway Farm. When raising our horses, we care very well for them. We want you to have the best riding partner possible for your goals and needs. Come to Galway Farm today, and let us get to know you so we can better create the right horse and rider combination for you.

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Stellar Gamble
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    2009, Thoroughbred Mare
    Adorable, super smart, easy and willing! Won a 2’-6” Derby first time out! Great opportunity for the…
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  • Khalasar
  • Khalasar
    2006, Thoroughbred Gelding
    Amazing brain and fabulous comfortable, rhythmic canter. Brave, simple, uncomplicated with a sweet …
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