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This majestic animal is the oldest line of the German warmbloods. Overall, the Holsteiner may be one of the most well-rounded horse breeds today.

Holsteiner Attributes:

  • Endurance – these horses were originally from marshes in Germany, which caused them to develop endurance for wading through the area
  • Strength – German marshes also caused Holsteiners to develop superior strength
  • Even Temperament – the bloodline mixed with Yorkshire Coach Horses to establish a nice, even temper in these wonderful horses

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Lorrie Canady has been caring for horses for over 40 years. Together, Lorrie and her team of horse trainers have over 100 years of experience. We want nothing more than for you to have a great riding companion when you leave Galway Farm.

You don’t need to travel to Europe to find a great riding horse. We have the accomplished eyes needed to determine which horses are top-quality. We personally evaluate and handpick each one of our horses, ensuring the best relationship between horse and rider, and maximizing the value you get from the experience.

Building Trust and Growing Friendships with Holsteiner Horses

Your riding partner should grow with you. The team here at Galway Farm makes that happen for each one of our clients. We prefer to meet with the rider to talk with them and ask questions regarding the points we believe matter for the rider and horse companionship. Individual horses have their own temperament, just like humans do. It’s very important to evaluate the rider and their ways before we match them to a horse. We’ve had time to bond with the horses; let our team get to know you.

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    2010, Holsteiner Gelding
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  • Beachin
  • Beachin
    2011, Warmblood Mare
    An extremely uncomplicated easy horse on the ground and to ride. Absolutely no prep at the shows, wa…
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