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Oldenburg horses originated in the Netherlands, where they were primarily used to draw coaches and were involved in some agricultural work. Since that time, the Oldenburg bloodline has been changed quite a bit to accommodate different utilities. The latest major change in the Oldenburg bloodline was near the turn of the 20th century, when English Thoroughbreds, Cleveland Bay, Hanoverian, and Norman horses were added, resulting in a strong, multipurpose horse, great in agriculture and under the saddle. Contemporary Oldenburg horses are bred for nothing but riding and competition, with bloodlines being added to encourage even tempers and spryness.

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Galway Farm has the perfect horse for almost any rider. With over 40 years of experience, the expert skills of Lorrie Canady, Owner and Training Manager of Galway Farm, have helped to select and train every horse we have. Being engaged in these processes is a vital part of why we’re best able to match riders’ and horses’ needs, creating the perfect riding companions.

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Galway Farm does not just sell horses willy-nilly. We aim to find you a horse you’ll be able to form a lasting relationship with. We are able to do this best when you work with us, helping Lorrie and her team of dedicated horse trainers to get a feeling for your goals, personality, and riding experience.

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Absolutely Golden
  • Absolutely Golden
    2005, Warmblood Mare
    By “All The Gold”. A very, very easy and comfortable ride. No spook, big step, easy changes and fun…
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