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Thoroughbred Crosses (TB Crosses) are exactly what you may be imagining: a non-Thoroughbred horse mixed with a Thoroughbred horse. This is done to give qualities of the Thoroughbred to the other breed of horse, thereby making the other breed a better Sporthorse.

Competition Thoroughbred Cross Horses for Sale / Lease

Galway Farm regularly has TB Cross horses raised for competition: eventing, show jumping, dressage. These horses are wonderful animals who show an eagerness to learn and please. They work well with most riders’ skill levels, and are well-tempered.

Come to Galway Farm, and let us help you find the perfect TB Cross horse to aid you in reaching the goals you have for riding. Trusting and bonding with the horse is an important aspect of the rider / horse relationship. Without trust, the communication between the team will deteriorate or never be established. Lorrie Canady, Galway Farm’s owner and lead horse trainer, has over 40 years of horse training and riding experience. She uses that experience to pair riders and horses to ensure they do well in competition together.

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  • Matinee
    2002, Warmblood Mare
    Super Children’s or Adult Hunter. Comfortable, big step, easy jump and extremely forgiving. A great …
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