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Trakehner horses are often mistaken for being German in their origin. Where they really come from, though, is the area now called Lithuania. They were originally owned and established in the 5th and 6th centuries BCE. Much later, World War II nearly destroyed all of this amazing breed, but the Russians took a large portion of Trakehners back to Russia with them and kept the bloodline much more pure than the bloodline which stayed in Germany.

Trakehner horses are intelligent creatures. They’re energetic and responsive, which gives them a wide range of utilities, and are used as riding horses, Sporthorses, light draft horses, eventing horses, and show horses.

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The horse trainers at Galway Farm have over a combined 100 years of experience, giving them the edge when they’re matching horses to riders. They have trained the horses, and know very well the personalities of each one. Knowing the horse is just as important as knowing the rider when it comes to matching riding partners, but that’s not to downplay the importance of getting to know the rider.

Come to Galway Farm, and work with us in selecting the perfect horse to match your experience, goals, and riding needs. We pair you with a horse who will be responsive to your needs both in and out of competition.

While some places sell horses to anyone with the money to pay for one, we truly create lasting relationships between horse and rider, so you can grow with your riding partner throughout the years.

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  • Matinee
    2002, Warmblood Mare
    Super Children’s or Adult Hunter. Comfortable, big step, easy jump and extremely forgiving. A great …
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